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March 19th – Aston Villa 0 Arsenal 1

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A belated report this morning from our great victory yesterday. As we now embark on yet another unnecessary and distracting break from the most important sport league on the planet into an abyss of useless international matches, let’s recap yesterday

  • After Wednesday, this game was like watching a slow motion re-enactment of Wednesday. Whereas on Wednesday our players were visibly knackered after 70 minutes, here we could have played on for another 70 minutes. The pace of the game, the intensity was more akin to a practice match. Villa barely pressured our backline and were surprisingly passive throughout (except maybe for the last 10 minute scramble). I expected a much tougher game but after 5 minutes you could see the speed of the game was more akin to that of a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • We controlled the entire game and came out of the blocks nice and quick – no hangover from Wednesday. We controlled the game and retained possession in a way we could only have drams of even six months ago.
  • When I saw the team sheet I heaved up my lunch (fortunately it was a lite lunch). Leno in goal? OMG. In hindsight, Ramsdale being injured explains a lot about that Liverpool first goal. But my confidence going into the game was not exactly high. I suppose I do forget that during his time he was actually a good GK for us – just not as good as Aaron. And of course I feared for our distribution from the back. But, given that Villa decided to sleep walk through the game I really did not have anything to fear. So Gerrard – Steve boy wonder – the great coach, did not realize he could disrupt our game plan by putting pressure on the one player in our team who had not played for 6 months and who everyone knows can’t play out from the back. Evidently not. Thankfully he barely had a shot to save until the 94th minute. And it was a nice reminder of prior years to see numerous long kicks either do directly into touch or right back to their defenders or Martinez. Luckily Martinelli was not running up the wing to expect passes to him from our GK,
  • So this was a game between the two most recent Arsenal GKs. Each has their strengths (I think) but neither could link up their defenses nor play with the momentum and speed of our Aaron. The incremental cost of Aaron of £5+ was money well spent.
  • Why do referees not give Saka even a modicum of protection. Their entire team (slight exaggeration) took lumps out of Saka throughout the game. It was clear systematic fouling. And Madley handed out a couple of yellow cards but nothing else. And somehow Cash avoided one. Of course, Xhaka got one for barely breathing on an opponent. Likewise Partey. Villa would only get one if the player decapitated one of our players and then chopped off both legs – and then only with regret. Saka – one of the shinning lights in English football who is barely 20 years old – should warrant some protection here. He’s a star of the English team and the future for this country. But week after week left backs (and others) feel free to take lumps out of him. The poor boy had to crawl and hobble off the pitch after 70 minutes or so.
  • Did I mention we were so much superior to Villa. The rhythm and understanding – the ball movement – was consistent and controlled. The distance between the two teams was surprising. I’ve not (thankfully) seen Villa play recently but they were underwhelming. On the other hand, we continued to look like a team that is finding it’s identify and has established a clear pattern of play.
  • If only we had a center forward. Cigarette links up play well but clearly – aside from penalties – can’t score. In the second half on the counter-attacked he had a chance, on the counter-attack, to play the final pass out to his right but instead decided to try and shot. Against better teams that might have proved crucial. And even when he was placed by Eddie, things did not improve. On another breakaway Eddie slips over in their penalty area. It reminded me of his missed header against Everton. I don’t see how, next year, either will retain their places in this squad. Both have lost their way. With Cigarette he can at least help our play. It’s remarkable really that Cigarette has so much support given his lack of productivity. When you think back to Giroud, who really could score goals and also linked up the team quite nicely, there was frustration with him because he was as slow as a donkey. But actually, given the choice, I’d take him over Cigarette. Though I don’t miss a 6 foot 3 man lying, in agony on the ground, waving his wrist every time he fell over.
  • Both Eddie and Pepe were pretty shit when they came on. Pepe found ways to lose the ball and commit unnecessary fouls right at the end of the game just when we needed to relieve the (limited) pressure. Instead he foolishly tumbles over their player to create chances that they could not create himself. It makes you wonder if he has any football IQ.
  • This team now gives me a warm glow. They are entertaining to watch again and no longer possess the self-destruct button of Mustafa and Luiz (and Kolinisac and…). You forget that was less than a year ago. 2021 will have to go done as one of our best transfer windows ever. Finally, we getting close to watching a team that does not hurt itself more than the opposition. That’s not to say the last 10 minutes weren’t a little scary and fraught with worry. It was never-wracking. But Partey was in control. White and Gabriel were dominant and Cedric was not really tested (fortunately).
  • ESR was brilliant today. His speed of thought and link-up play was outstanding. He roasted Cash. Cash fouled him continuously and somehow avoided a yellow card. But ESR was a shining light. He plays – like Saka – with genuine joy. And we are better with him in the team. The quality of his movement, close ball control and awareness remind me just a little of Pires. ESR is that good.

So now we have a few weeks in which our players can hopefully recover for the final push. Our squad is quite thin so we need to allow for Aaron, ESR, Saka and Martinelli to regain their strength. We are in a great position now for those last 10 games. Better than anyone could have reasonably expected. This team has grown on everyone. Even the biased commentator’s are seeing something in this team now. But ahead of us lay a number of tough games. And there is limit margin for error now. And there will be real pressure so it will be interesting to see how a young teams handles that. We also have Partey and Xhaka accumulating (unreasonable) yellow cards. We can’t function without Partey. He was the key to our midfield against Villa. Lack of quad depth could really hurt us. It’s fine balance between a small squad when you’re not in European matches and the need for more players when you are. And it’s not like we’ve finished turning over this squad. We will need at least two attackers for next season if we are to progress. But for the moment we can enjoy the success of this team and wallow in the glow of yet three more points that were well deserved and well earne.


March 16th – Arsenal 0 Liverpool 2

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At least we ended up with eleven players on the pitch.

We wasted the first half performance with a sloppy second half. Within 3 minutes the game turned. Thiago played a backpass that Cigarette intercepts. He’s not able to turn and shot on goal so instead lays it off to Odegaard. His shot then deflects of Allison over the bar. Within two minutes Thiago slices a pass through our defense. Party, Saka and especially Cedric are by-passed and then Ramsey is between at the near post.

The game was not over until we presented them with the second goal soon after. I can’t count the number of times we had to clear the ball. Between Tierney then Xhaka and then finally Gabriel who decided to pass his way out of the penalty box we created another opportunity from them. And then when we cleared the ball Saka lost his challenge with Robertson to create another chance for them. This time, with everyone out of position Fermino waltzed pass Gabriel to slip in a neat goal. This killed the game off. It put a nail in the coffin of that first half when we went toe to toe with Liverpool. We were able to make them look average. But threw that away with how we came out in the second half.

Maybe we invested too much effort in the first half because it looked like we lost our legs a little. As anyone who is unwise enough to regularly read the drivel produced on this site knows, I never expected to get anything from this game. It’s just so frustrating to throw it away in the manner we did. We did not seem to recognize the change in patterns and interplay. Maybe it’s immaturity. But it just felt like a waste. An opportunity to creep up a level to really make them work for the entire game. Instead, we made it easy with sloppiness and too many mistakes. The loss of those second tackles killed us today. And it was epitomized with that second goal. The overriding feeling is one of frustration. As good as Liverpool are, we killed ourselves.  It seems, we are fated to lose every game to them 2-0.

So many things were right about that first half. They could have scored in the first 2 minutes but rather than be disrupted by their fast start we established our style on the game. Good passing and movement with outlets on both wings. Today we had real threat down our left. Martinelli was our stand out performer today. He took Trent to the cleaners today. And in the first half left him rooted to the spot on numerous occasions. We lacked that final pass. But, sorry to have to state this yet again, we missed a real striker. Cigarette was not at his best today. Aside from being too slow on the Thiago mistake, he failed to accept the quick pass from the free kick from (I think) Odegaard. And generally, he would arrive, in the box, just too late to have an impact. Outside the box he was slightly better but fairly anonymous. As good as Martinelli was though this was also offset by the lack of threat from Saka. As good as he was against Leicester, he was as quiet today.

Odegaard, aside from missing the game changing chance, was less impactful. It did not help that the center of the pitch was clogged up. But he had one or two chances to play Saka through and underhit the pass. Unfortunately, against this team, at this level, the margins are paper-thin. What you can get away with against Leicester you can’t again Liverpool. They operate at another level. When you get your chance, whether in front of goal, or to play someone through, you have to take it. There is no margin for error at the highest level. These little mistakes cost you. And we saw that today. And that’s whats’ frustrating. Of course, there’s a context here. The pressure Liverpool apply, the quality of their players. It drains you, it takes away your energy and causes the focus to meander.

Partey was again very strong. He and Martinelli were our best performers. Tierney was solid. As, I thought, was White. Gabriel reverted a little. His passing was off. The mistake he made for that second goal was annoying to watch. He should have battered it into row Z in the stands. Watch Van Dyke – he’ll do that in addition to passing it out. You have to know when and where to take chances with coming out of the back. And from the edge of your areas when you surrounded is not one of those.

The fans though were our stars today. They were vocal and engaged fully. Even after giving away those goals they were still behind the team and willing them on. Their performance was at least consistent for the entire 90 minutes. You could feel the atmosphere in the stadium. It’s just a shame the players let them down in the end.

Not that this is the end of the world. For that just cast your eyes over to Kiev. This was more a disappointment. To see the hard work of the first half wasted in such a frail manner. And I think we saw the players recognize that. We had a few other chances but never really threatened their goal after that one guilt edged chance. That’s how it goes against the best teams. And maybe we saw tiredness creep in as well. This is why you need a larger squad when you play mid-week. They were able to bring on Salah and Firmino and still leave quality on their bench. We had ESR and then it’s Pepe and Eddie. Sure Pepe changed the game against Wolves but today – like Sunday – he had minimal impact.

I’m not devasted. And I’m still impressed with how Arteta set out the team. We have not lost the race for 4th place – that was never going to be decided today. It’s the games against those we’re directly competing with that will. And we saw enough to see that we are close to the level we need to be. But we have to find away to cut out these mental mistakes. Maybe that’s just down to youth. Though that would not explain Cedric. Not that this is entirely down to him. I can’t help feeling though that with a fit Tomi at right back we’d not have been sliced open for the first goal nor would he have been out of position for the second. I support to be fair I should be critical of Ramsdale for that firsts goal. But I won’t. Because he’s a star and he’s earned enough good will to have us ignore this one. He’s still irreplaceable. He’s still the best goalkeeper in England. I would take him over any other goalie in any other team in England. So, maybe, I’m just a little biased. He could pick up the ball and drop kick it into our own goal and I’d still find some way of defending him and blaming the goal on Cedric.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the implosion of Stamford Bridge. Let’s hope that no-one can close out the deal. Unfortunately, someone will swoop in and buy an undervalued asset – it’s a fire sale. But whoever comes in, they surely won’t squander as much money as the Russian villain. There will at least be some fiscal control. They won’t be able to out bid everyone, they will have to operate within budgets. No-one else would be insane enough to spend go on the spreading sprees they have in the past. Nor pay off managers right after winning the European Cup. The idea that they lodge a request to have their weekend cup tie played behind closed doors also give you some insight to the caliber of people in the club making football decisions. For them to invoke the notion of protecting the integrity of the competition is behind ironic.  It’s beyond laughable. It speaks to people who have lost touch with reality. And, that, for their fans, should be a little worrying. And for us, with a ring side seat at the long awaited demise of a once irrelevant and shitty club (no, I’m talking about the one in West London).

OK, so now we’re off to Aston Villa. Let’s hope we can put today’s disappointment behind us and channel the frustration at todays sloppyness into a mistake free, and focused performance. I would be nice to see Saka shine and Odegaard have the space to orchestrate some goals. And, on the plus side, we don’t have to play Liverpool again this season. Nor see the ugly face of Jota.


March 13th – Arsenal 2 Leicester 0

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Partey time at the Emirates. That was smooth looking football and we displayed no fear of listless Leicester. Not only did he score with a header but then had a shot that not only did it not end up at the back of the stadium it actually hit the target – albeit the crossbar.

From the outset Arsenal settled into a rhythm today. There was no falloff post Watford. We saw smooth link up play, control from the back and Odegaard pulling the strings from midfield. Even before the first goal we saw nicely constructed moves that warranted a goal. The corner from Martinelli looked like it was short – like the last few against Watford from Cedric – but Partey nipped in for a well deserved lead. Even then we continued to control the game and create. This week, because Xhaka was just a little more involved there was more two-sided balance.

Saka though was the stand out in that initial 25 minutes. Turning and beating his man and generally creating havoc. Unfortunately as the tide turned all their chances came down our right. And that, my friends is because Leicester targeted our boy Cedric. And it was pretty clear why. And it got worse in the second half. All their chances originated right by him. It’s not that he played badly but he continues to drop too deep to break out own line and then is exposed to balls over the top. Thankfully we had Ramsdale behind him to save us – literally.

And in front of Ramsdale we have the axis of White and Gabriel. Aside from Gabriel being smacked in the face – which would have gotten Xhaka, of course, sent off – he had a refreshingly solid and uneventful game. No mistakes and a aclear reliance on handing off the ball to White. White was a rock today. In the second hald he flung himself into a Ramsdale deflected shot to prevent an equalizing goal. Overall, his performance was nearly faultless. Of coure you do have to take into account the toothless opposition. But, nonetheless, this axis helped keep yet another clean sheet.

And then there is Ramsdale. That save in second half from Barnes (I think) even had Smooth talking, superficial Rodgers smiling and clapping. It was the game changer. That was their one chance and Ramsdale, though not quite soaring like an eagle, still displayed cat-like reflexes to prevent a certain goal. In the last two games he has not quite been at his highest standard with some dodgy distribution and unsure handling. Today he was back to his best. Some of his longer pass were pin-point. And yet there were times when he’d play direct vertical passes into Partey, Odegaard or Cigarette that would turn defense immediately into attack. To think people (cough, cough) ever doubted the money we spent on him.

The enjoyment of this game came not just from the Odeegard and Saka link-up play but the inclusion of Partey. In fact, the interplay between Partey and Odegaard was not something we’ve seen before. It’s a further sign of the evolution of this team. The building of these onfield relationships and understanding is helping glue this team together. I’d still make the argument that Xhaka is not really suited to the left sided equivalence to Odegaard but he was better today. And Tierney was involved which was also positive to see. He was further up the pitch than we’ve seen him recently. And some of his last minute defending – especially in the first half when, again, Cedric was beaten was vital. Against a better team, I don’t know, let’s say for example, eh, Liverpool we will be torn apart down our right hand side. We need to get Tomi back and it’s a shame it won’t happen before the Liverpool game.

Finally, Cigarette gets a goal. He needed that. Again, we saw good link-up play from him but limited goal threat. He had to bide his time as VAR took it’s time. It seemed they were just looking for anyway to not award that one. I think it took them 4 minutes to decided what we all knew after the first replay. By then Cigarettes’ beard had grown another inch or so and Schmeichel had tried all his mind-game tricks. But, unlike the previously missed attempts, this one was clinical and even had the benefit of having Schmeichel protest like a baby. But this was well-deserved. We had the measure of them even when they were in possession. There was a period at the end of the first half where they dominated but aside from that we had them under control. And we managed to manage the flow of the game in ways we did not against Watford.

We are now firmly in 4th after the enjoyable Old Trafford result. We have a very  tough road ahead though. But now it’s ours to lose. So now it becomes mental. But it also requires the core elements of our team to remain fit and not sent off. If we lose Partey I doubt our chances. He has now become key to this team. He was imperious today, In control and dominant. As impressive as Odegaard was – and he was silky and smooth today – I thought Partey was the fulcrum of this team. And his interplay with Odegaard enabled him to find his way out of tight spots. He seems to be enjoying his football. Gone are the days when he only lasts 70 minutes. His evolution mirrors that of the team. So we need to wrap him in cotton wool and make sure none of the refs target him for red cards.

Liverpool is a game we can’t win. I would just like us to finish the game with 11 players.  And then quickly move on. Beyond that we have Manchester, WHU and Sp*rs. And then, if they are not bankrupt, Chelski. It’s karma. It’s hard to feel anything but smug glee to watch this spineless, classless, club that was fueled by financial doping. Their oligarch changed – for the worse – the game as we know it. As David Dein said, they parked their tanks and fired £5 notes (and now it’s £100 notes) at all the players out there. He (who shall not be named) paved the way for the Man City investment, the distortion of PSG and, lastly, the entrance of the Yemen destroyers at Newcastle. And it started in West London with him throwing around his weight to overpay any and everyone and out bid teams. He inflated the market and caused others to get sucked into the vortex of super inflationary wages and transfers. And it took, literally, a war to cause the FA to grow some balls. But selective ones. They won’t apply the same standards to Newcastle. Or the next autocrat with money. But, just maybe, the next one will realize that all their money could be locked and tied up at a minutes notice. Maybe what happened to Chelski is a warning now to others that they could get locked out of their club, unable to sell their asset or even pay credit card bills. Maybe that will give other to pause before entering our market. The vagueries of this process – the politics of it – might just be enough to scare off equivalent type “investors”. And that would not be a bad thing. It’s not like the FA has a backbone. They have haplessly stood on the sidelines for decades now. But this move, with the help of Parliament, will help slow down this process. I hope. But then money has a way of watering down resistance. I mean, the world cup is still headed to Qatar. So let’s hope by the time we have to play Chelski all their players appreciate they won’t have a team to play on next year and will all be looking to move on without caring what happens to this soulless club.

Regardless of the outcome though there can be no doubt as to our teams evolution and growth. We are pointed in the right direction. We are ahead of schedule. Just remember that while watching us get dismembered by Liverpool. With both Xhaka and Cedric on the pitch there will be too many mistakes for us to withstand their relentless pressure. Don’t be too despondent. Better to have a coming down to earth against Liverpool and then regroup for games we can not and should not lose. And try not to laugh out loud too much as we watch the destruction of Stamford Bridge in order for them to pay reparations. Justice. Karma.


March 5th – Watford 2 Arsenal 3

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A well deserved 3 points even if we made the last 5 minutes more hectic than needed. We were clearly playing at a different level from them – and a level superior to that of our recent history. That this team has evolved is unquestionable. And now we have goals coming from different players.

Watford did not deserve anything but then they never do. They are destined for the Championship where they belong. Though after 17 seconds it was not that obvious. Hesitation by first Cedric and then Gabriel was worrying and thankfully the linesman made the right call. But thereafter, we took over and dominated. Watford sank into a low block while a combination of Saka and Odegaard ran the game.

Odegaard today was particularly impressive. Pulling the strings mainly on the right but drifting across the field. The link up play with Saka was on a different level. The first goal was a thing of beauty but beyond that the two of them – with noticeable contributions from our friend Cedric – sliced Watford apart and operated at a different level. The smoothness of their interplay and their understanding meant that nearly all our pressure came down our right hand side.

On the left Martinelli was not at the races today. The partnership with Tierney is not at that same level and Xhaka, playing higher up the field again, was not able to guide our play and his influence was not equivalent to Odegaard on the right.  And on the defensive side, in particularly in the first half, we looked vulnerable down our left side. Martinelli did not seem to track back as energetically and enthusiastically as normal. For their first goal, as well as it was taken by cheating Hernandez, Xhaka did not pick up the overlap. And let’s not forget the rolling on the ground and faking a head injury by Hernandez in the second half when White out-jumped him to head back to Ramsdale. He clearly thought we was auditioning for the Olympics. After losing the duel Whites arm grazed his shoulder but he managed to crumple to the ground and then roll 5 times clutching his face in agony. The real-plays showed there was no contact on his face – not that the commentators mentioned that. I despise this cheating. It’s all to prevalent now in the EPL. Trying to get the other player sent off and the fake head injuries which compels the referee to stop the game. A sensible rule that’s introduced to protect the players is not being manipulated to either break up play and/or get an opponent sent off. The best laid plans are paved with good intentions.  And here we see the unintended consequences. But just remember that Hernandez is an acrobatic, talented cheat.

When Xhaka was playing deeper alongside Partey he used to track these runs better. Watford continued to try long cross-field passes over Tierney. And too often he was left exposed. Though it’s funny how Tierney noticeably refused to head the ball back to Ramsdale. Maybe he’s risk averse but each time he headed it back up field it would go to one of their players. So, ironically, even with Cedric on the right we were more at risk on our left.

Cedric was reassuringly solid today. Aside, that is, that moment late in the second half when, just outside our box, he decided to pass the ball backwards to their player. A decent team would have scored but thankfully White was there to block their shot. We need Tommy back but, to Cedric’s credit he was not at fault for their goals today. Unfortunately, we need to look at our friend Xhaka. In particular their second goal started with his unnecessary and flamboyant cross field pass that went straight to their player. Then as he tried to track Sissoko, he could not quite intercept the pass. And then White should have been able to dispossess Sissoko. Maybe when ESR recovers from COVID he could take Xhaka’s spot. Or, at worst, Martinelli. But we’ll need to fix this imbalance on the left soon.

We have become a right-sided team. And that’s not such a bad thing. The fluency and creativity we saw today was at a level that was reminiscent of elements of Man City. And that speaks again to our progress. In addition to the excellence of Saka and Odegaard, there was the purring engine of Partey. What a difference, for him, when he’s the only defensive midfield player in a 4 – 3 – 3. I know Watford are useless shits, but nonetheless, Partey was yet again imperious in how he strolled around the pitch. There was even a shot from him in the first half that was reasonably close to the goal. He has established himself as the backbone of the team now; the platform from which we spring forward.

Behind him Gabriel had a shaky day. His distribution was uncertain and indecisive – by his prior standards. And behind him Ramsdale had a couple of poor passes that put us at risk. Though one of Ramsdale passes to Saka was a thing of beauty – as was Saka’s control. Going back to Saka – and who can’t – he was so dominate today. He was aggressive, direct and demonstrated ridiculous ball control. Watford really could not get close to him. And, thankfully, unlike a West Ham type defense, they did not try to hack pieces out of him.

In fact, this was not such a great day for our Brazilians today. Martinelli – aside from his sumptuous goal to create the needed breathing space – was ineffectual. Between the two of them they seemed off the pace today. Hopefully after Gabriels aberration against Wolves this will be a wake up call.

Did I mentioned how impressive Saka was today. This was the best overall performance I’ve ever seen from him; this was his best game ever for us. From beginning to end he shone brightly. He contributed in so many obvious and not obvious ways. From setting up the first goal to scoring the second and then releasing Cedric for the third. Though technically Arteta should also get an assist as the ball boy. I’m sure though that the FA, UEFA and FIFA will launch an inquiry into how Arteta could have roamed so far outside of his designated touchline area. The collective wisdom, intellect and general open-mindness of these great organizations will have to investigate how the referee and VAR did not capture this egregious violation of this little white box. I think it would only be fair if points were deducted along with the removal of various body parts.

It’s just a shame that Cigarette can’t shoot – or head. Now I know this might seem like rudimentary requirements for a striker but evidentially we’ve found a way to compensate for this minor deficit in his skill set. So, if we ignore the couple of chances he completely fluffed it would be only fair to note his link up play for both Saka and Martinelli’s goals. In both instances he provided the perfect passes for them. This is not something our prior Captain could have managed. So, while we might miss the goals he’s now seemingly discovered in Barcelona, the reality is that Cigarette actually fits our style of play. He drops off and links up play. It’s just a shame he can’t score goals.

Let’s go back to that third goal. That was as close as I’ve seen us come to a Liverpool type goal. Immediate, one-touch interchange culminating with Martinelli crashing it home. That was slick and impressive. This, along with other moments – let alone that first goal – yet again demonstrated the progress of this team. There was a calmness that permeated our game. Sure, the last 5 minutes were a little nerve wracking but overall we were in complete control playing smooth, controlled football. I’m not convinced that we’ll end up 4th at the end of the season – and certainly not third – but, irrespective, you can see the growth. You can see the progression. There should be little doubt now that Arteta is the man for this job – the right man. The man to take this club forward. I’ve had one of two doubts after one of two games this season. But in the last month we have continued to build on our team philosophy and develop a style of play that suits our club and the players we have. I fear for suspensions or injuries to Partey or Saka. We don’t have the squad depth to sustain a long-term challenge for the title. We are no-where near the standard of Liverpool or City. But then they have a 5 year plus head-start and ‘000s of millions of dollars invested in their teams.

Now we’re down to a limited number of games. Unfortunately – or fortunately – these involve games against all the teams around us. There is plenty of opportunity for us to implode – for the referees to send of Xhaka etc – but the converse is that, with our games in hand, we can also help derail their efforts to overtake us. We don’t always have to beat them we just can’t lose to them.   I exclude the Liverpool game from this. They will beat us. I would just like us to finish that game with all of our players on the pitch. But the games again United, West Ham, Chelski and that other lot – now that’s all going to be the decider for our season. But, we’re now in the right position today – 4th. And after performances like this today where we dominated and played great football should give us some confidence. But we’re a young team and we are still learning.

Today was another anxiety free performance. How I’ve missed these days. Goal opportunities being created out of our fluent football.  And domination of a sub-standard team. And then to see Maguire allow City to further impact their challenge for 4th. Let’s just hope he’s not injured for our game. We need him and his ugly mug in that team. To leave you with an unpleasant picture. Imagine if the Kane and Maguire could find have way to have a child. The combination of the nose and the chine. Imagine how ugly that baby would be. Excuse me while I throw up.