April 4th 2015 – Rampant versus Liverpool

Well Fuck me Sideways. That’s not a bad way to start a day, week or life. Quite honestly I was dreading this game. I don’t trust the Liverpool that will turn up. But man did the right Arsenal team materialize. Domination with excellence. And what goals. Weird how we score goals in the way London Transport schedule buses. You wait for ever and then more than one turn up. We do have this lovely habit of scoring goals in quick succession.

What an enjoyable game though. Sure there were the usual things that drove me barmy but they were miniscule compared to the flow of the game. I was surprised at how contained we played in that second half. And it was good to see AW screaming at them to retain their shape and not flood upfield.

Bellerin. Our non-Chambers full-back. Not sure how you can drop him for Debuchy. Yes he’s still working on his positioning but his speed, recovery and attacking ability added a real edge. I was not a fan of our tactical set up with Ramsey playing out wide; I think he was somewhat lost there. And he also shanked a couple of chances. But we did not let Liverpool dwell on the ball. The high pressure was great to see. And just added to the mistakes they made that fed our goals

They say Rodgers is a great tactician. But whoever they are need their head examined. When you don’t have the quality of the players to play out from the back through midfield then change your game. So often they put themselves under pressure. I was a joy to watch. Of course we all love Kolo but he’s so far past his prime. And their midfield? Allen is so weak on the ball. Losing it a number of times in important areas (and leading to goals). Where di this team spend that Suarez-biting money? Sterling was crap – missing a wide-open chance. But anyway, who gives a shit about them – today it was all about us.

Ozil initiated that first goal with that cross-field pass to Ramsey. How can people doubt this guy? His simple, subtle movement and distribution keep this team humming. I even saw him running back to cover Monreal in the first half. I love Gibbs and want to see him playing but Nacho was excellent today. Some of his man marking and tackling was outstanding. I can’t remember at time when he lost his man (unlike earlier in the season).

The goals themselves are better viewed than described but that third one had me screaming and, slowly, lifting my total body-weight out of the chair (which only took about 5 minutes and I think qualifies as a work-out). Alexis deserved that. As did OG. He worked really hard throughout the game. He’s link-up play is as good as anyway. Sure he runs at tortoise speed but what a sweet left foot.

The Coq was so steady – how many challenges does he win? How many interceptions? So consistent. I’m convinced he’s the reason for the teams purple patch. Well, along with Ozils return, OG contribution, Ospina in goal, having an additional center-half and finding Bellerin. But apart from that it’s all Coq all the time.

I hope Koscielny is OK (it was good to see him watching from the bench). I like Gabriel and he seems like the right pairing with LK – sorry Per.

And to watch us press and overrun Liverpool was a throw-back to past years where we played a high press and forced them into mistakes. But the difference were those goals. Beautiful.

What a great Saturday. An entire week to bath ourselves in the pleasure of ripping Liverpool apart. This was a little bit of payback for giving up that stupid last minute goal up at their place.

That was just so fucking enjoyable.

– LB7