March 22nd 2015 – After Newcastle

That was way more painful than it needed to be. I missed the first half (though I watched it latter on). Within a minute of the start of the 2nd half i knew this was going to be painful viewing. Our focus seemed weak and our passing worse. We allowed a substandard (and depleted) NU team to put us under pressure. Naturally there were lurking memories of that 4-4 game were we threw away the lead. I thought Welbeck, Chambers and even Cocquelin gave the ball way too easily. And Alexis continued to work hard while over elaborating.

The good news is the 3 points. In past season we would have found a way to throw them away. I liked our GK – Ospina is finding ways to help us (unlike a certain other gentleman) – I also cheered when Belerin came on. How did he become so vital so quickly.

My worries about this team though are miniscule compared to the same team at the start of the season. There is more backbone and there has been an evolution. It’s just that sometimes it’s difficult to watch.

This squad is quite interesting. Poor Theo can’t get any time. And with OC out he’d have expected some. But he is too much of a luxury in these games. AW made smart and timely substitutions; shame he’s no tactician :). Bringing on TR7 and Flamini made sense. As much as I used to love the adrenaline rush of MT; he’s resilient, physical and borderline physco, this squad has more toughness such this is likely his last year; and his passing is crazy-arse worrying.

But we’re building momentum. Next week is going to be crucial. A point or more is going to do the trick. We can’t lose to them. But then, by any reasonable standards, they should not have Skrtel playing for them.

Still third; happy days