March 10th – Bonus Reading

This will be short and sweet. Anyone that knows me knows that I am of a sunny disposition. Some might even say lighthearted and optimistic. But certainly not the type to be bitter, jaded and cynical. Far from it.

But, let’s be clear. Last night and the night before that were entirely bullshit. The contrast could not be greater if you had planned it out.

In two games across 24 hours we saw the vagaries of referees and UEFA. How the plaudits are raining down on Barcelona. If De Maria had not flopped in the way he perfected at ManU we’d not be having to deal with this usual Barca love-fest.

Yet, two  referees with two identical situations handled them in diametrically opposite ways. It was like each game was played in an alternative universe.

Please explain how in the Barca game for that first penalty, the referee does not even want to give a penalty and then the extra sideline linesman (who’s further away from the play) convinces the referee to give the penalty? Neymar intentionally falls over the falling PSG player. But it’s Barca. So it’s a penalty. On the other hand Theo is fouled in the box and there is no penalty.

Then for the second penalty (not the one where Cannibal-boy had a swan-dive and received a yellow) but the one where he was barely touched and fell over. The referee is convinced it’s a penalty – is desperate to award it. And yet, only issues the defender with a yellow card; PSG remain with 11 men. Yet, in our game when Koz “fouls” LadenHosen not only is it an immediate yellow but it then, somehow,  because of the extra sideline linesman, is overturned and becomes a red card – game over.

Sure, in this case PSG were the beneficiaries. But surely it now demonstrates the utter bullshit that is UEFA refereeing. And the complete confusion that is the ‘5th” referee. Who knows what the fuck they are seeing and doing.

All these arguments about not using technology to help referees. For instance, how they can’t have an upstairs referee guide the on-field referee because the on-field referee would not have control over the match? What the hell did these two games demonstrate – that they already don’t control the game because they do as the ‘5th’ referee tells them.

Please get rid of the 4th referee and put them in a booth up stairs with a mic and a quick replay and review technology system to quickly scream into the on-field referees ear.

Barca started with an off-side goal from the cannibal. Then got an own-goal plus two penalties. Don’t tell me there is a level playing field. How is it that Barca can get two penalties in a game? We can barely get one per season.

Question – How many Barca players have been sent off in any UEFA game? And how many Arsenal players? Normalize that number by games each team has played and you’ll see that some teams – Hm, which ones I wonder – are immune to red cards and are treated with kid gloves to ensure the right teams get through to the last few rounds.

Of course, I’m not saying that Arsenal deserved to get through. But by sheer incompetence of the referees we were denied the chance to even see what might have been the outcome.

So don’t, please, put Arsenal in the same category as PSG. They at least were able to keep all 11 men on the pitch.

OK, that was it. As promised. Short and sweet

Notice I never said I was not a bitter, twisted fucker

– LB7

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